WW3 warning: China confident it can ‘do what it wants’ and set to spark global nuclear war

China ‘can do things that can lead to World War three’ says expert

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Political expert and author Gordon Chang warned of a World War 3 nuclear conflict involving China. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Chang insisted that China is feeling more confident as a nation. He highlighted that China’s diplomat has insisted that the US can not speak to China from a position of authority.

He added that deterrents are less impactful now and this could pose a global risk.

“A nuclear military conflict could happen.

“The reason is that deterrents are breaking down.”

“We know deterrents are breaking down because China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi in the middle of March actually came out and said the US could no longer talk to China from a position of strength.

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“China’s perception is that it can do what it wants.

“Therefore it can do things that could lead to World War 3 for instance.

“I’m not saying it will happen but I am saying the odds of it happening are unacceptably high.”

Mr Chang also insisted the China’s aggression would cause countries to rally together.

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He noted that China’s aggression was causing tensions to rise with nations like India, US, Japan and Taiwan with aggressive military action.

“Anything can cause tensions to escalate between China and any of its neighbours or any nation in the world.

“China right now is in engaging in increasingly provocative and dangerous behaviour.

“This is going to draw in everybody in all probability.

“This is largely because countries are concerned and they are starting to act in concert to protect themselves.”

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He added: “Australia is one of the four members of the Quad.

“These four nations are acting in closer coordination.

“They are operationalising their understandings and part of that is military.”

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