Wrestling motorists come to blows on petrol station forecourt amid fuel shortage

This is the shocking moment drivers fought on a forecourt at a petrol station amid fuel shortage fears.

Video taken outside the Esso petrol station in Sidlesham, near Chichester in West Sussex shows two groups of men having an argument while waiting in a queue to buy fuel.

But it soon turns into a duel as one man shoves the other man towards a black car and punches him in the face.

They split into the two group as the younger men fight against each other while the two older men wrestle near the cars.

The cameraman can be heard screaming from inside his car as he says: "There's only diesel left!"

The fight, which is believed to have started around 11pm on Friday (September 24), kicked off as one accused another of touching his motor before a bespectacled man grabbed one of his rivals.

It then came to a peaceful end 30 seconds later as they called a truce with one of the yobs saying: "You stop, I stop."

One onlooker said: "I was in the queue and I was only going to fill up about £20.

"A guy behind me kept beeping. Then they started, it was unreal.

"What has the world come to? One guy appeared to have a cut [on his] head."

"Oh my God, I can't breathe," another joked while a third added: "Not the glasses. I'm dead."

Another commented: "Kiss and made up at the end."

The UK Petroleum Industry Association has said distributors are working hard to replenish stocks after the president of the AA blamed panic-buying for the shortage of fuel.

The group, which is the trade association for the UK downstream oil sector, has said there are no issues with "production, storage or import of fuels" as drivers queued at petrol stations.

In a statement on Saturday, a spokesperson said: "There has been an increase in demand for fuels this week which is above and beyond what is usual.

"There are no reported issues with the production, storage, or import of fuels while distributors are working hard to replenish stocks at forecourts.

"Customers should continue to buy fuel as they would normally."

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