World’s most loyal dog filmed pushing elderly owner’s wheelchair down road

This is the touching moment a young dog was filmed shepherding its elderly owner down the road – actively "pushing" the OAP's wheelchair to help him along.

Video of the loyal pooch – 11-month–old Magnus – and his owner was recorded in the south-central Kazakhstani city of Taraz by Fidana Durusova who posted the touching clip on social media.

In the footage, the puppy appears eager to keep the chair wheeling along and seems to be gently herding his 70-year-old master, Anatoly Derbenev.

At one point, Magnus crawls under the chair in a bid to push one of the axels with his back while his master operates the chair with two hand levers.

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Fidana said that she tried offering money and food to Anatoly but the pensioner said he prefers to be self-sufficient and turned her down.

The concerned woman was not the first person to offer the OAP help, but he does everything himself with a little help from his dog who he has described as his "only family", local media reports.

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Magnus was previously injured and taken out of action after being hit by a bus but has since recovered and returned to helping Anatoly get around the city.

Fidana said: “It turns out that the dog has already been run over by a bus but despite his fear, Magnus continues staying with his owner on the street full of cars, helping him as much as he can.”

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Anatoly says that Magnus started helping him when the pooch was only four months old and he stressed that the dog is his only family member.

The heartwarming clip made an impression on social media, with one admirer of Magnus writing: “Dogs are real friends, we should never forget about them.”

A second dog-lover added: “Dogs are unable to betray anyone. They stay loyal no matter what.”

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