World’s most festive couple fill home with 444 Christmas trees and 10k ornaments

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A Christmas-loving couple has set a new world record after setting up 444 trees and decorating them with over 10,000 decorations in their home.

The Jeromin family got the record for having the most decorated Christmas trees in one place in their flat in Germany's Lower Saxony.

In a clip they accept the certificate in front of a backdrop of several beautiful evergreens and with some golden baubles hanging from the ceiling, theMirrorreports.

The pair said they started the huge festive activity months ago.

Thomas Jeromin, 55, said the family have gone all-out for Christmas nine times before.

This year they used 444 trees and over 10,000 decorations to deck out their home.

A spokesman for Germany's Rekord Institute, which catalogues amazing global feats like the Guinness World Records, said that "Family Jeromin is really the world leader here".

Record Judge Olaf Kuchenbecker said: "There are 444 trees standing this season, or today, here in this house in Rinteln. And I have counted all of them, that is indeed correct.

"And what is important for us — for the record — is that the trees are actually fully decorated."

CNN reports each of the trees was painstakingly and uniquely decorated by hand.

The cameraman takes the viewer upstairs, where furniture like a work desk and a bed are completely surrounded on all sides by festive decor.

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The Jeromins used more than 10,000 ornaments and 300 strings of fairy lights on the project.

It's currently unknown how much the family spent on the decorations.

In 2019, a Swansea grandma revealed she had spent £15,000 on her 2,700 piece Christmas bauble collection, around a quarter of the Jeromin's ornaments.

Sylvia Pope, 77, from Swansea, was hoping to bag herself a world record after hanging the delicate spheres from her ceiling.

It took her 12 weeks to lovingly hand-pin each bauble to the living room ceiling.

She said: "I absolutely love Christmas, and my grandchildren's faces light up when they see all the baubles. It really is magical for them.

"I love setting up my baubles up all over the house. I won't let anyone else help in case of breakages – even though it gets a little harder each year."

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