Woman terrified after finding two beheaded corpses on road during school run

A woman was left terrified after finding two corpses with no heads dumped in the middle of the road

After taking several children to school in the morning, she found the two beheaded bodiembetween Borregos and Rancho Tanque Tenorio, in the Villa de Pozos region of Mexico.

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The bodies were "tied up" and were said to have "traces of torture" before the victims were finally put out of their misery.

They were wrapped in what appeared to be blankets and bound with duct tape, with one of the bodies having their hands tied together and placed on their chest.

The chopped off heads were placed next to the bodies, soaked in blood, sparking a security operation in the area.

The Prosecutor's Office is currently investigating to see where the bodies came from.

Brutal murders and suspected cartel activity are not new in the area.

Earlier in the week, the drug cartel war in Mexico continued to escalate as yet another particularly grim death was reported with a dismembered body being left next to the Municipal Police headquarters.

The emergency line in Caborca, Sonora, received a phone call from an individual reporting a dead body had been left in an alleyway at 7am.

Also, in June this year, the brutalised corpses of seven men were discovered in the state's Huasteca region.

A message next to their bodies read "this is what happened to me for working with the Gulf", in reference to the Gulf Cartel.


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