Woman ‘ran naked across school sports field in front of crowd of students’

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A woman allegedly ran naked across a school sports field in front of a crowd of students.

Lacey Uthe was arraigned last Friday on a charge of sexual misconduct involving a child under 15, according to local news outlet KMIZ.

It is a class E felony, which could be punished by prison time.

The alleged stunt took place in front of more than 20 eighth-graders, who are normally aged between 13 and 14, at Helias Catholic High School in Jefferson County, Missouri.

Uthe was reportedly only wearing a scarf during the incident according to court documents obtained by a local news station.

She is said to have told an officer that she ingested heroin and left her home naked in search of help because she thought she would die.

The suspect is said to have jumped over the school football stadium's fence before running onto the field where students were participating in a youth programme.

Uthe was then taken to a hospital for an evaluation before being transported to Cole County Jail.

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A similar incident reportedly happened at Denver Airport in Colorado last week when a naked woman walked around the airport casually talking to bystanders and asking them questions.

The authorities released a report of "an intoxicated female completely nude".

According to a report, "officers responded and located the female running around the concourse having some type of medical issue".

It continued: "Paramedics were called code 10.

"The female was transported to University Hospital by ambulance due to an undetermined medical episode."

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