Woman paralysed from neck down falling out of bed ‘mucking about’ with husband

A woman was paralysed from the neck down after falling out of bed messing around with her husband.

Sophie Rodgers, from Ripon, North Yorkshire, said she was just "mucking about" with her hubby Guy, 53, when she attempted to bunny hop over him and tragedy struck.

She "misjudged" her jump, fell out of their double bed and knocked herself out, Examiner Live reports.

When she woke up mum-of-three Sophie "couldn't move anything" and was told she would "probably never walk again".

Now Sophie who feels "robbed of her body" is fundraising to pay for a motorised scooter and support clothes so she can regain her independence.

She said: "I was mucking about and bunny hopping over my husband on my hands and knees and just being a wally messing in bed as you do, I misjudged a jump and fell off the bed.

"My hubby gets up at 4.30 in the morning and when he goes to sleep he just zonks out and he wasn't aware that I'd fallen off the bed.

"In hindsight, I think I must have knocked myself out and I remember waking up and I thought my legs were really cold and I couldn't move them but at that point I could move my arms."

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Sophie said the news from the doctors was "beyond devastating" but she is determined to prove them wrong.

The 44-year-old added: "A few days later he (the doctor) asked me to wiggle my toes and I think on the third or fourth day the tiniest tip on my right toe flickered.m

"I remember them saying I will probably never walk again but they'll work hard to try and get movement from my waist up back.

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"My husband looked at them and said: 'you don't know my wife', because I'm very stubborn.

"I was just in autopilot. I was totally aware of the situation I was in and I was totally aware that I could possibly never ever walk or move again and when they said they'd try and get the top bit moving, I was fine."

Sophie spent three months in hospital before she was discharged.

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She left hospital in November where was was pushed in a wheelchair, before managing to walk out with her walking stick, albeit "very, very slowly".

Sophie said: "I never cried or got scared or worried about anything right up until I was nearly due to leave hospital, it just hit me and I think I cried for about five days.

"I was feeling a bit sorry for myself when I realised: "This is it, I'm never going to be able to do the jobs I used to do,' because they meant being fast on my feet, I was like: "What the hell am I going to do?"

The mum can now walk short distances with a walker and has made adaptations to her home such as hand rails on the stairs.

But she has been unable to go out alone due to fear of getting too tired and being unable to return home.

Sophie said: "Just getting a bit of my life back would mean the absolute world to me."

You can donate to Sophie's fundraiser by visiting here.

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