Woman ditches job to be ‘cat whiskerer’ charging £195 to tell you pets’ feelings

A magical bond with moggies led to a new career for “cat whiskerer” Julie-Anne Thorne.

She found she could tune in to feline feelings on a day at the zoo.

And now she has ditched her job as a civil servant to tell owners what their pets are thinking at £195 a time.

Julie-Anne, 38, says she can pick up the emotions felt by an animal by sitting down with it or just looking at
a photograph.

She describes herself as “cat intuitive” and says it helps her understand why a worried cat is behaving in a certain way.

She can then advise the owners on how to help.

Julie-Anne, who now runs Naturally Cats full-time, said: “I can’t explain the science or the logic behind it because it is more of an emotional and energetic connection between myself and the cats.

“When I connect to my breath and to the moment and stop all the noise of day-to-day stuff that goes through my head, I am able to feel how the cat feels.

“All of a sudden, I might become angry or I might feel scared – that’s what the cat is directly feeling, it’s not just my interpretation. I can actually feel it within myself.”

Julie-Anne, who lives in Plymouth, Devon, realised she had a connection with cats after visiting a zoo with her husband Rob in 2012.

When they stopped at an enclosure where a cheetah lived, Julie-Anne was overcome by sadness and suddenly started to cry.

Later that day they found out that the cheetah in question had lost its mate and was grieving.

Julie-Anne said: “It led me to explore an empathy side of things, and over the years I’ve realised that I can connect with cats energetically and emotionally.”

Julie-Anne has helped around 40 clients and has more than 1,000 followers online.

Once she has sensed a cat’s emotions she then gets the owners to introduce different dried herbs into their pet’s daily diet.

If she senses that the cat is feeling angry she might prescribe a mix of hops, jasmine, rosebuds and valerian root.

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Depressed cats get angelica root, St John’s Wort flowers and lemon balm.

A kitty that has experienced a bereavement is given a mix of yarrow and linden flowers with some lavender.

Julie-Anne has faced scepticism over her line of work, even from the clients who have hired her.

But the therapist said: “I had one client whose partner just laughed in my face when I suggested using remedies for their cat.

“They have seen how much it has helped and are thankful for the connection they now have with their cat.”

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