Weekend snowstorm is officially Denver’s biggest since 2016

More than 11 inches of snow fell at Denver International Airport between Saturday and Sunday morning, making this snowstorm the biggest since 2016. And it’s not over yet.

Meteorologists recorded 11.1 inches of snow as of 6 a.m. Sunday at the airport, which is where the National Weather Service records Denver’s official weather statistics. That tops this winter’s previous record of 9.6 inches and is the city’s highest amount recorded since the 12.1 inches that fell between April 16-17 in 2016.

It’s possible this weekend’s snowstorm will top the 2016 snowfall, as meteorologists expect up to 6 more inches to fall in Denver through Sunday night.

But don’t look for this storm to crack the city’s top 10 largest snowfalls. Denver’s biggest one on record dropped more than 45 inches of snow over five days in 1913.

The National Weather Service has used Denver International Airport to record the city’s official weather since 2008. And its 11 inches between Saturday and Sunday morning is more than many parts of the city saw in the same timeframe — more like 3-6 inches.

Before DIA, the National Weather Service recorded weather for more than five decades at the now-closed Stapleton International Airport, which was much closer to downtown.

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