US tornadoes: Family photo found after being blown nearly 130 miles from Kentucky to Indiana

A photo belonging to a Kentucky family was found nearly 130 miles away in Indiana after a series of tornadoes tore through several US states.

On Saturday morning, a woman in Indiana noticed an old photo stuck to the window of her car.

Katie Posten, from New Albany, tweeted: “Walked out to my car in New Albany, IN and found this picture stuck to the window.

“Undoubtedly from a home that was struck by the tornado that ripped through Kentucky last night.”

She added: “Hoping to find its owners. It looks like it reads – Gertie Swatzell and JD Swatzell 1942 – pls RT”

A member of the Swatzell family living in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, contacted Ms Posten the same day.

She said she was making plans to return the photo.

Ms Posten tweeted: “UPDATE: the photo belongs to the Swatzell family from Dawson Springs, KY, and I’ve been connected with a family member. Making a plan for later this week to return it.”

Sharing a photo of the destruction the tornado had caused in Dawson Springs, Ms Posten commented: “This is the town where the photo came from. Absolutely devastating.”

Kentucky’s governor said at least 70 people may have been killed, and the death toll could exceed 100 after the tornadoes destroyed homes and businesses across the American mid-west.

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