US pressing allies to ‘isolate’ China to curtail military attack threat ‘Number one goal’

US calling on allies to help 'isolate' China says expert

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Former Pentagon adviser Jason Israel said President Joe Biden is calling on his allies to pressure China into greater cooperation with world powers and avoid military action. While speaking on Sky News Australia, Mr Israel said President Biden is hoping that if China is more isolated it won’t behave as aggressively. He also noted that Barack Obama’s initial strategy struggled to be effective.

He added that Donald Trump’s method was more effective but did not work entirely.

Mr Israel said: “Let’s look back at the last two presidential administrations.

“When I was in the White House working for President Obama, we learned diplomatic overtures and agreements ultimately fell flat.

“China didn’t respect those.

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“Under President Trump’s administration, the way that trade deals and sanctions were being used against China showed that China did respond in some way to those more forceful measures.

“But neither has entirely worked.”

Mr Israel then highlighted the differences the Biden administration will be making and what it hopes to achieve.

He said: “What the Biden administration is trying to do is get as many countries to follow it to isolate China.

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“This is what the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad), this is what AUKUS is about.

“The entire US approach now is to use tactics that we already use that fall short of military conflict.

“So the tactics are not to launch an attack on Beijing.

“But it is to get as many allies as it can to call out China on its bad behaviour.

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“That would be the number one goal on the Asia pacific strategy for the Biden administration.

“You are starting to see examples of that over and over again.

“That is still somewhat in the grey zone but the more China the US can get its allies on board to counter China, the more successful it believes it will be.”

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