Urban explorer heard ‘whispers and bangs’ in ‘most haunted’ Texas hospital

An urban explorer snuck into an abandoned Texan hospital, said to be one of the most haunted places on earth, before hearing creepy "whispers and loud bangs" and fleeing the site.

The unnamed British photographer from Kent was on a 'dark tourism' trip to American when he visited Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Texas, which served as a rehabilitation centre for those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

The hospital was founded in 1950 by a catholic group, the Felician Sisters, and after some 30 years of service it eventually closed down in 1980 and the structure was abandoned by all but thrill-seekers.

The site has since become a hotspot for thrill-seeking ghost hunters around the globe and everything from talking dolls to red glowing eyes have been reported there.

The photographs from the urban explorer show different rooms within the institution with old hospital furniture still inside.

Terrifying dolls are located all around the building and one room is covered in abandoned toys.

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The urban photographer said: "I was given express permission to explore the hospital as long as I remembered to lock the gate afterwards.

"The hospital gave a few noises while I was inside.

"Doors slammed shut but that could of been wind, yet as the night drew near I think people may have snuck in.

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"I began to hear whispers and loud bangs above and below and that's when I decided I'd seen enough.

"Many have broken in before and stolen from the inside so eventually they began to run tours for the paranormal upon request.

"I've been exploring abandoned buildings in the UK for 16 years, but nothing came close to this adventure – it was truly terrifying."

The photos were taken on December 14.

Fred Guzman, who runs paranormal investigation team Curious Twins Paranormal & Ghost Tours, said: “This has been a place where there has been a couple of murders that happened here.

"There have also been some suicides that are connected to this place.

"There was also a doctor that was doing some botched surgery. There wasn’t really an entity of government that was – kind of – watching the medical practices, so you could essentially get away with murder in this town.”

In November 2019, reporters who joined the tour reported feeling a sensation of cold air or water rush down their backs.

She yelps, which can be heard in the audio where she jumps and then loses focus on the investigators as she turns around looking for what was behind her.

The camera operator then tells the production editor that she is, “Ok,” just before the camera turns off.

She says later that she did not turn off the camera herself.

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