Unwanted lurchers balding with skin condition and fleas become stars of TV show

A pair of lurchers found flea-ridden in a home which is no longer suitable are the stars of a new TV show after being nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

Daisy and Bruce featured in the first episode of a new series of Dog Rescuers on Channel 5.

RSPCA Hartlepool inspector Clare Wilson collected the pair, believed to be aged around four, after their owner could no longer look after them.

TeamDogs said the animals were both balding due to skin conditions from their fleas, while Daisy had recently given birth to puppies and needed treatment to prevent mastitis.

Ms Wilson said: “These poor dogs had balding patches all over their behinds and backs, and had obviously been in a lot of discomfort with itchy skin.

“The vets also treated Daisy so she did not contract an infection in her mammary glands either.

“I was so glad we were able to help them and glad we were called when we were so that the situation did not get worse.”

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A spokesman for the RSPCA said the two dogs are now “thriving” in the charity's care, and are looking for loving forever homes.

The first episode of series 10 of Dog Rescuers, hosted by comedian Alan Davies, aired at 7pm on Channel 5 on Tuesday, June 15.

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