Ukrainian forces destroy Russian occupiers military unit in a blaze of artillery – VID

Ukraine: Artillery destroys Russian rocket launchers

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Video footage of Ukrainian artillerymen destroying a Russian occupier’s unit has been circulating on the internet. A Ukrainian unit filmed the footage of the aftermath of the assault on Russian troops and posted it online for the rest of the world to see. The war in Ukraine has continued to rage on despite calls from global political leaders for Russia to stop their invasion and seek a solution with a peace agreement. The Russian bombardment has continued but Ukrainian forces, but with the help of Western top-of-the-range weapons, they have been pushing back with extreme strong force.

Plumes of smoke can be seen rising up high into the sky, as fires contine to burn where the Russian occupiers were stationed.

The smoke and flames are seen to intensify as the footage rolls on.

The video shows four main areas where the Russian artillerymen were hit, and there is no sign of life on the ground after the wipeout.

The number of Russian casualties is unknown as no announcement has been made reporting the incident yet.

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Users on social media have been reacting to the attack on Russian servicemen.

One user on Twitter @Ian23166583 said: “Lovely black smoke there. Excellent aiming. Thank you for your work.”

@Marapires805 said: “Congratulations my congratulations to the Ukrainian Military and allies on the battlefield. Resilience and willpower to go forward and win. May the powerful long-range and efficient weapons come soon. May the world stand united to defeat a powerful Terrorist. Go for it!”

@LilyGrutcher said: “ZSU is 10 km away from Kherson City.”

Russian state TV hosts react to Putin's territory comments

@Glasnostgone said: “#Ukraine’s president Zelensky says the human cost of the battle for eastern, “will, without doubt, be remembered in military history as one of the most violent battles in Europe. We are dealing with absolute evil. And we have no choice but to move forward and free our territory.”

@Mera_78899000 said: “Oh well, I hope the gun doesn’t stay in the warehouse and it explodes.”

@Marapires805 said: “Congratulations.”

NATO-aligned Western countries have been helping Ukraine fight the bloody battle against Russia by giving them weapons.

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Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has been continuing to ask for more aide, weapons and funds.

The British Government has continued to give but it has come to light that the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz could block Spain from sending tanks to Ukraine this week.

The Visegrád 24 Twitter news outlet tweeted: “Germany has blocked Spain’s plans on sending dozens of Leopard 2A4 tanks to Ukraine.

“According to Der Spiegel, the Scholz government warned Spain that it would constitute a departure from an alleged informal decision by the West not to provide Western tanks to Ukraine.”

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