UK weather: Britons to soak under mini heat-wave as weather gets ‘warmer’ with 25C

BBC Weather: Warm temperatures forecast across UK

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According to weather experts, the mercury will begin rising from Saturday as many areas enjoy sunny and dry conditions. This will eventually give way to a warm spell, with parts of the south expected to bask in 22C heat by mid-week and up to 24C by the next weekend.

According to BBC Weather, temperatures could top the mercury at 25C in the south heading into the following working week.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said temperatures are several degrees above where they normally should be at this time of year.

He said there was a “small chance” the UK could experience a “brief” heatwave as temperatures build into the twenties.

A heatwave is a period of extreme, unusual weather. Sustained hot weather can be dangerous and planning, advice then action is needed to get through times of extreme temperatures.

A simple starting point is the temperature thresholds for counties around the UK which when met for a few days, a heatwave is declared.

These thresholds were recently increased due to our warming climate.

The Met Office’s long-range outlook over the period states: “Chances of hot weather and heatwaves are increased compared to average, especially later in the period.

“There is an increase in the likelihood of warmer-than-average conditions over the three months.”

The underlying theme for the weekend is high pressure and steady conditions with mostly light winds. Warmth in any sunshine but a coolness overnight, claimed the meteorologists.

Jo Farrow, a meteorologist with said: “For most, it will be dry weekend with a mix of cloudy skies, brighter times and some warm sunshine.

“That’s often the problem forecasting in anticyclonic conditions, where will keep more cloud and where will brighten up.

“On Saturday there will be the odd shower for eastern England, Cumbria and inland Scotland.

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“Coastal district of southern and southwest England could see some lingering low cloud which will make it feel cooler at the coast this weekend.

“Through Saturday evening and night, a warm front arrives for western Scotland with thicker cloud and patchy rain.

“This will linger over northern and western Scotland on Sunday with cloudy skies for Northern Ireland. Elsewhere looks dry but with a fair amount of cloud.”

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