UK snow map: Britain braced for ice blast as Atlantic system erupts – Met Office warning

BBC Weather: Cold temperatures for UK with some snow

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Forecasters hold that Saturday and Sunday, while warming up after a freezing Thursday and Friday, will continue to see “unsettled” weather conditions. Maps and charts also see Atlantic pressure from Greenland continue to impact Britain.

Jason Nicholls, Lead International Forecaster at AccuWeather, told snow will strike at the start of the weekend.

He said: “A front will bring some rain to the UK Saturday with snow in the Scottish Highlands.

“Another front will spread showers southward across the UK Monday night and Tuesday.

“There can be some snow in the Scottish Highlands again Monday night. The remainder of next week looks dry with high pressure in control.”

Maps from WXCharts see Saturday morning will see a weather front from Greenland bring snow and rain across the UK.

As of 6am, Scotland will see up to 13cm of snow, while the western parts of Wales and England have lighter snowfall and bouts of rain.

By 3pm, the rainfall will have pushed westwards into Europe, while snowfall features intermittently across the west coast of Britain.

However, another weather front will push into the UK by 6pm, seeing snowfall in much of the west of the UK.

Nick Finnis, senior forecaster at, wrote on the agency’s website that “unsettled” weather will feature over the weekend.

He said: “A wet morning for most on Saturday, as extensive outbreaks of rain spread east, the rain turning heavy as a cold front moves in from the west.

“Rain clearing Scotland through the morning to clear skies but with showers across the west, heavy rain clearing England and Wales through the afternoon to sunshine and showers from the west, though the rain perhaps not clearing SE England and East Anglia until late afternoon.

“Less cold than today, temperatures reaching 6-9C in the north, 9-11C in the south. But it will be a windy day, making it feel colder than the actual temperatures suggest.”

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell also said Friday has been a “wintry 24 hours” across much of the UK.

He added: “During Saturday, England and Wales will be quite wet and windy.

“It will be a very unsettled day to come for some of us through Saturday. Sunday is looking drier and brighter, though there will be outbreaks of rain with the north-west of the UK most likely to see that.

“The South East will be the wettest on Saturday, so there will be a role reversal on Sunday. Temperatures will still be chilly, but not anywhere near as cold as it has been.”

It comes as two yellow weather warnings have been issued for Friday night by the Met Office.

Covering parts of southwest Scotland and northwest England as well as central southern England and Wales, the warnings are in effect from 3.30pm to midnight.

The agency warned: “Icy surfaces are possible for a time on Friday evening and overnight, leading to potentially tricky conditions.”

They added Brits in there effected areas should expected “some icy patches forming on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths”, which could cause an “increased likelihood of accidents or injuries”.

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