UK snow forecast: Maps pinpoint EXACT date snow will fall as charts turn BLUE

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts frost

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The first flurries of snow may be eagerly anticipated by children, but they can spell disaster for those looking to commute to work on snowy roads. Here’s the latest forecasts for snow in the UK, according to weather maps.

The UK has experienced extreme weather this year, from flash flooding in London to an “Indian summer” in October, could snow flurries be felt across the UK soon?

Despite warnings by the Met Office that Britain could be blasted with a “White Halloween”, many Brits will have to wait until later this year for their first snowfall.

It can be difficult to accurately predict snow too far in advance, but the latest weather maps show Brits may have to battle with snowy conditions as soon as November 3.

The latest weather maps show there’s a chance of snow falling on November 3, 4 and 16, but is your area affected?

On November 1 only one part of the UK is in with a chance of snow according to Netweather.

The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland could see flurries of snow in the upland areas.

On November 3 the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland could see flurries of snow in the upland areas, according to Netweather,

Further areas could be in with a chance of snowfall on November 4, according to maps from WXCharts,

Snow is most likely to fall in Scotland from Aberdeen upwards.

But there’s also a small chance of snow falling in the North East of England and across Wales on November 4.

Those hoping for further snow flurries will have to wait until November 16.

Netweather’s latest predictions forecast snow could fall across the North of Scotland on November 16.

Will it be a white Christmas?

Unfortunately, it may be a little too early to tell if it will be a white Christmas.

But the Met Office has said it can accurately forecast if snow is likely to fall on Christmas Day up to five days beforehand.

So Brits in hope of snow this Christmas will have to wait until December 20 for an accurate snow forecast.

What is a white Christmas?

According to the Met Office’s definition, a white Christmas is when one snowflake has been observed falling in the 24 hours of 25 December somewhere in the UK.

Traditionally the Met Office used a single location in the UK to define a white Christmas.

This was the Met Office’s building in London, but today the number of locations has increased and can now include sites such as Buckingham Palace, Belfast, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Coronation Street in Manchester and the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

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