UK cold weather forecast: Bone-chilling Arctic plume to spark freezing onslaught – maps

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of 10cm of snow

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According to the latest WXCharts, the freezing weather system will hit the country from December 19. The whole of Scotland, Wales and most of England will turn a shade of light blue on the weather maps.

By midday on December 20, the likes of Scotland, Newcastle, Manchester and London will see temperatures drop to 0C.

Freezing temperatures will continue in the run-up to Christmas Day, with -2C predicted in the Scottish Highlands from 6am on December 24.

The cold weather will continue down the rest of the country, with Newcastle and the north of England turning freezing cold.

By 6pm on Christmas Eve, the whole country will be blanketed in a cold frost.

People waking up on Christmas Day will likely see a layer of fresh frost as temperatures will drop to below zero by midnight.

Scottish Highlands will bare the brunt of the freezing weather, which will bring with in -3C temperatures.

Inverness and the Highlands are likely to see a White Christmas this year with snow expected to fall on Christmas Eve.

Accuweather said the temperatures are “below normal for the month” but are expected to rise above average through the rest of the month.

Senior meteorologist, Tyler Roys, told “Right now much of the United Kingdom is between -0.5 and -2.0C below normal for the month.

“As we move through the rest of the month, temperatures are likely to be above normal for several days next week, but will become more normal, slightly below normal as we get to Christmas.

“Overall as you look at the month, temperatures across the UK will largely be near normal.”

Temperatures for this weekend coming are expected to be “near normal” for the time of year across eastern England and above normal on the west.

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Mr Roys continued: “Temperatures are going to be near normal across eastern United Kingdom on Saturday and slightly above normal in the west.

“It is going to be mild across the UK on Sunday with much of Ireland, Wales, southern Scotland and England running 4-7C above normal.

“The rest of Scotland will largely be near to slightly above normal.”

He went on to say how the Scottish Highlands are likely to see a White Christmas, with parts of the Pennines seeing snowfall throughout December.

Mr Roys added: “The best locations to see a White Christmas is going to be parts of the Scottish Highlands where snow is already on the ground.

“The next location will be parts of the Pennines if over the next 15 days any snow-cover is able to last.”

However, many other parts of the UK will not see a White Christmas.

He continued: “Otherwise there is a very good chance that many locations outside of the higher elevations will not see a white Christmas in terms of falling snow.”

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