UK adds more nukes to Trident Submarines in clear warning to Vladimir Putin

The UK has added more warheads to each of its Trident submarines which are used as part of Britain’s continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent, amid growing threats of warfare from Russia.

Although Britain had been previously reducing its nuclear weapons, the Government decided to increase its stockpile by 40 per cent last year, in light of growing technological threats, reports Reuters.

The UK uses four Vanguard-class submarines as part of its nuclear deterrent arsenal; two are always on patrol, one is at the ready, and the other receives maintenance.

The Express reports that while each sub can carry up to 40 nukes, they have been carrying considerably less than this.

Most of the warheads contain 80-100 kilotons, making them around six times more powerful than the “Little Boy” atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

The news comes ahead of Russia's Victory Day celebrations which marks the Soviet's victory over the Germans in WWII and the end of the war.

It's been widely speculated the Russian despot might use the patriotic anniversary to send a doomsday message to the West as his threats of war and use of nuclear weapons increased.

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Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Putin has threatened NATO and its allies with war if they send troops into Ukraine and the despot has increasingly threatened NATO with war as the West rallies around Ukraine.

Already, Russian officials have confirmed Putin will showcase his 'doomsday' plane as part of the Victory Day military parade.

The aircraft, which will allow the tyrant to continue to operate in the event of nuclear war, will be part of an air display along with eight Mig-29 fighter jets which will form the letter Z – the symbol of support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine – over the Red Square.

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Metro reports Putin might use the Russian national holiday as a propaganda opportunity to tell Russians how and why the war in Ukraine has been a successful.

The Mirror reports Putin will use Victory Day to wage full-blown war on Ukraine, and rally the Russian people in his efforts.

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