Two men caught crossing lockdown border with over £50k and boot full of KFC

Police have stopped two men trying to cross a locked-down border with $100,000 (£53,000) in cash and a large amount of food from KFC.

Auckland, in New Zealand, is currently under an alert level 4 Covid travel order with police monitoring checkpoints.

Officers spotted the car travelling on a gravel road when it suspiciously made a U-turn when the driver noticed police before speeding off.

When police pulled the vehicle over and conducted a search, they were stunned to find the cash, alongside empty bags and a massive order of KFC.

New Zealand police took photographs displaying the massive order from KFC, which included three buckets full of fried chicken, over 10 sides and a ridiculous amount of fries.

The police said the two unnamed men, aged 23 and 30, were from Hamilton and were arrested on Sunday after trying to enter from the south of Auckland.

A police spokesperson said both men will appear in court later this year for violating the Health Order and that further charges may be likely.

The police said in a statement: “Police want to remind the public that police will continue to stop and question motorists travelling through the checkpoints, and action will be considered for people deliberately attempting to breach the restrictions.”

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Police have stopped 180,339 vehicles since checkpoints were in place, with 2,286 vehicles being turned away during that time.

Auckland has since moved out of alert level 4 and into level 3. The rest of New Zealand is currently in level 2.

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