Two babies survive massive tornado after being ‘placed in bath with Bible’

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Two babies have survived a 'miracle' escape from a deadly tornado after the bathtub they sat inside with their grandma's Bible was torn from their home.

Kaden, 15 months, and three-month-old infant Dallas were put in the tub by their grandmother Clara Lutz when the horror twister drew closer to their home in Kentucky, United States.

The babysitting nanna took the children in the bathroom and left them with a blanket, a pillow, and a Bible.

Moments later the house started to shake — and left the granny watching in horror as the bath was ripped out of the house, stealing away both the babies.

The impact also saw the water tank hit Clara on the head.

She told local TV network WFIE-TV: "I felt the rumbling, I felt the shaking of the house. The next thing I knew the tub had lifted and it was out of my hands, I couldn't hold on

Ms Lutz began a frantic search for the young children after the storm passed, recalling: "I was looking everywhere to see where the tub may be I had no clue at all where these babies [were]

"All I could say was, 'Lord please bring my babies back safely. Please, I beg thee"

Police officers attending the household for the rescue operation then made a shocking discovery when they found the bath upside down in her back garden.

But to their huge relief, they turned it over to find the two tiddlers alive and responsive. They had even been kept dry from the rainstorm that followed the tornado.

Dallas was found to have suffered bleeding on the brain from the impact, and was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville. The bleed thankfully stopped by the time he was taken into casualty, and he is now recovering.

At least 90 people died across a number of central states in the United States in a spate of freak tornadoes last week, with most of the fatalities occuring in Kentucky.

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