Truck driver captured cutting off motorist on State Highway 1 in Canterbury

The heart-stopping moment a truck appeared to cut off a motorist on a State Highway 1 in Canterbury has been captured on video.

In the video, a Hall’s truck can be seen passing in front of the motorist, who is in the left-hand lane on State Highway 1 just north of Rakaia.

The truck appears to be so close to the motorist they are forced to drive off of the road onto the grass verge.

In a Facebook post, the motorist said the truck had initially been travelling closely behind him for some time.

“I did tap my brake lights to get him to back off. He never pulled back except to shine his high beams at me for well over a kilometre.”

The motorist said they know the truck was travelling “well over” 90km/h as that is what they had their cruise control set to.

The maximum speed for heavy vehicles is 90km/h.

“He deliberately ran me off the road. You can easily see his wing mirror in the video, so he could clearly see me.”

Hall’s has been approached for comment.

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