Tornado blasts through UK villages damaging houses and overturning vehicles

Houses have been left badly damaged and vehicles overturned by what is thought to be a tornado.

Windows and roofs have been smashed and vehicles flipped over, leaving residents of two villages on either side of the river Humber baffled.

Homes in Humberston near Cleethorpes in North East Lincolnshire and Thorngumbald near Hull have been damaged by the supposed "tornado", The Mirror reports.

Council workers and utility workers have been at the scene today, where it is thought that over 20 houses were hit by the strange weather.

Images show a motorhome overturned on its side, with neighbours on the street seen assessing the damage.

A blue sky with some clouds can also be seen, leaving no clue as to what caused the damage.

Jessica Locking, 30, has lived at her home in Humberston for 11 years and told Grimsby Live that nothing like this has happened before.

She said: "My friend rang me at work and sent me a picture of the van so I came straight home.

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"The worst part was the drive home as I didn't know what to expect.

"I've had the ridging of my roof and guttering, but thankfully it's not as bad as others.

"When I woke up this morning I'd never have expected this to happen.

"I never felt like anything like this would ever happen."

Resident John Leyland, 38, has lived there for 12 years and said it's been a crazy morning.

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He said: "Myself and my partner Hannah were sat at the kitchen table and looked around to see the circular wind and it went as quick as it came.

"The next thing we knew, roof tiles were damaged, the garage door had caved in and three of my cars were smashed.

"There was just complete shock and panic, everything has gone.

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"I would have never expected anything like this to ever happen.

"My garden table is now two streets away and my fence is destroyed, it's all so weird.

"It hurts massively, but you can't change what's been done.

"You hear horror stories like this, but we just hope the insurance can help us. You work so hard to do your bit and this is what happens.

"I've already asked for a skip to help those on the street clear away their rubbish. I just hope everyone can get what they need now."

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Photos snapped by plumber Steve Richardson show a garage in Thorngumbald with its roof blown entirely off, a crumbled brick wall, and what appears to be a motorhome on its side.

He said the tornado had luckily not caused any injuries, saying about one of the properties: "Mini tornado just gone through Thorngumbald.

"The roof is off the destroyed garage, blew right over the bungalow."

Images show the car still stood on the driveway intact, but the roof and sides of the garage have been reduced to rubble from the force of the storm that hit at around 11am.

It's understood there were a number of mini-tornadoes across eastern England this morning, with the Humberston one the most significant.

In a typical year, the UK sees around 30-35 tornadoes, though it is very rare that are they strong enough to cause any significant damage.

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