Toilet paper, hand sanitizer flying off Okanagan shelves amid COVID-19 fears

The Okanagan Valley isn’t immune to demand for sanitation products, as hand cleaners, masks and toilet paper fly off the shelves amid COVID-19 fears.

Valley Medical Supply on Martin Street in Penticton, B.C., said it’s been completely sold out of masks for the past three weeks.

“Masks of any sort, regardless of whether they’re a recommended mask or not, we haven’t been able to source any type of mask for probably three weeks now,” said manager Carlo Ferrari.

Customers have expressed their purchases are a precautionary response to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus, as well as protecting their loved ones stuck overseas.

“The masks, some people mentioned they were coming in to pick up masks to send them to family in China. So that’s where most of our masks seem to have gone,” he said.

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