Tiktok clip of Chihuahuas with balloons tied for owner to spot watched by millions

TikTok user reveals parking space ‘life hack’

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In the clip, which was shared on the app by Layla Tucker, known online as laylatuckermusic, shows her two pets walking around a busy kitchen. As the adults prepare food as part of their fourth of July celebrations the tiny pups can be seen moving around with green balloons attached to them.

The two chihuahuas, one white and the other black, are able to make their way safely around the large marble island without anyone tripping or stepping on top.

Laura uploaded the footage to Tiktok the next day, caption: “Definitely a life hack. #ADayInMyLife #4thOfJuly.” which has since garnered 3.1 million likes.

Comments from viewers quickly flooded Laura’s account, one TikTok user, 97Camp, wrote: “Your mesh food covers, dogs on balloons, large house, and this music makes me think this is a very well put together Sims family.”


Definitely a life hack. ##ADayInMyLife ##4thOfJuly

♬ Frolic (From “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) – London Music Works

Another person, Charlie, joked: “All good until your dogs start to fly.”

Sadie gushed: “Haha, that’s brilliant. I always worry I will accidentally step on my little dog that’s always hanging around our feet.”

Sam typed: “Why did it bring me so much joy watching the balloons just floating along behind the counter so cute.”

Click here to watch cute clip of the dogs.

Mireya Marie suggested: “Now all you gotta do is write their names on the balloons that way you know who is who.”

An account by the name of user7281059912192 explained: “I always wondered how tiny dogs don’t get stepped on!”


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