Thugs eat chicken takeaway just minutes after murdering lad with shotgun

This chilling CCTV shows the moment two teenagers order fried chicken just minutes callously gunning down a young footballer in front of his friends in Birmingham.

Sharn Miles, 19, and Ty Blake, 18, calmly went to get a takeaway after the crime and Blake was seen nursing a recoil injury on his face caused by the shotgun used in the murder.

The DNA in the blood from the wound linked Blake him to the murder and the twisted pair have both been found guilty of murder at Birmingham Crown Court today.

Tragic James Teer, 20, was blasted twice with a double-barrelled shotgun just yards from the front door of his house on August 8 last year.

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Mr Teer had been having a kick-a-round with teenage pals when a stolen BMW M Sport pulled up alongside him on Goosemore Lane, in Erdington, Birmingham.

He was then shot twice at close range by Blake before Miles sped away from the scene and later dumped the car in the Small Heath area of the city.

A court heard how he had been targeted by the callous pair because of an earlier confrontation in a nightclub.

Lauren Malin, 20, of Coventry, was cleared of murder at Birmingham Crown Court but was convicted of burglary.

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Jurors were told how the pair were snared when Mile's DNA was found on the steering wheel of the abandoned vehicle they had earlier stolen in Lutterworth, Leics.

Blake was caught after he was injured by the recoil of the gun and his DNA was later found on a tissue he used to stem the blood flow.

West Midlands Police today released this footage of Blake dabbing his bloodied lip as he went to order chicken and chips just 20 minutes after the murder.

The force also released chilling CCTV showing the car making its getaway after a loud gunshot can be heard in the background.

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Detectives conducted a trawl of CCTV and plotted the BMW’s route over several miles from Erdington to Miles’ home in Gowan Road, Alum Rock.

They seized more clips showing the car earlier in the day before the pair had chance to fit it with cloned number plates.

That led them to the owner’s address in Leicestershire where the car had been stolen in the early hours of August 8.

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Examination of phone records showed mobiles linked to Blake and Miles were active near the burgled house at the time.

Miles fled the country to France through Dover port shortly after the killing but was arrested on August 13 having returned to the UK.

Blake was arrested at home two days later. A Nike tracksuit matching that worn by one offender was found with the wooden butt of a shotgun and five cartridges in a shed.

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Detective Chief Inspector Scott Griffiths, of West Midlands Police, said after the case: “This was a callous and shocking assassination of a decent young man.

"He was shot while playing in the street with friends. One moment he was playing football and the next he’d been killed.

“He was with teenagers, some of school age, at the time and some of these witnessed the point-blank shooting.

"They are experiencing ongoing trauma from witnessing what happened and of course James’ friends and families are devastated.

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“The motive was initially unclear but we later understood Miles had an altercation with some men in a Birmingham nightclub a week before the shooting.

“Mr Teer was not directly involved in that, very much on the periphery, but it appears Miles and Blake were intent on causing serious harm to anyone linked to the group. Sadly James was the first person they came across on the day.

“I hope these guilty verdicts will come as some comfort for James’ family and I wish them all the best in their continued recovery from this tragic event."

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