Thirty two stone man who spent 14hrs a day playing computer games sheds 18 stone

A gaming addict who ballooned to 32 stone and spent 14 hours a day on his computer is now a life coach after shedding 18 stone.

David Breaker became suicidal before turning his life around to help others.

His GP warned that his weight could kill him and following the transformation he now offers lifestyle and healthy eating courses to help people like him.

David, from Gillingham, Kent, used to wake up at midday before settling into marathon gaming sessions, causing his weight to balloon in the process.

He said: “I used to be a gaming addict. I would spend 14 hours a day playing World of Warcraft, and let myself get to 32 stone.

“I was quite suicidal about it and thought I had nowhere to go in my life.

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“People will say their friends are gaming addicts if they play a couple of hours, but gaming addicts are people who are spending 60-80% of their day playing.

“Normal things like going to work or spending time with the family become second to playing the game and it’s quite scary when it happens.”

It was only when a doctor gave him a stark warning that David sought to change his unhealthy ways.

He said: “My GP basically told me if I carried on I’d be dead by 35.

“He said it would most likely be a heart attack and I needed to make a change.”

The 36-year-old lost five stone through healthy eating and exercise before shedding the rest of the weight with the help of a gastric bypass.

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