Tesco limits customers to one item of milk, bread and loo rolls in some stores

Tesco has tightened its limit on the number of essential items customers can buy in “many” of its Express stores to just one.

The rationing measures initially restricted shoppers to a five-item limit on all products before cutting it to a three-item cap.

It also introduced a two-item cap on painkillers and loo rolls amid frantic scenes of shoppers panic buying and stockpiling.

But, as the UK remains in lockdown over the coronavirus crisis, Tesco has now dropped the number to just one essential item per customer in some of its Express stores.

Now customers can only buy one pack of essential items like loo roll, eggs, milk and bread.

The new rationing measure has been announced through signs on shelves, indicating which items are limited to just one per head, reports the Sunday Times.

It has been put into effect at the discretion of individual stores and their circumstances in order to cope with local demand and balance supply.

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Tesco has also refused to rule out the one-item limit becoming even more widespread.

A spokesman said the supermarket chain are finding understanding demand "very difficult right now", calling the scenes of panic buying “a fluid situation".

The spokesman said: “To ensure more people have access to everyday essentials, we have introduced a store-wide restriction of three items per customer on every product line.

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“In a small number of stores where demand is particularly high, our colleagues may need to place further restrictions on some products on a local basis, to ensure everyone can get the things they need.”

The chain has also told online customers this weekend that they can only buy a maximum of 80 items for home delivery.

Other supermarkets have introduced similar capping schemes – ranging from two to four items per head – in response to coronavirus stockpiling.

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