Terrifying moment huge python bites zookeeper’s face for trying to take her eggs

This is the heart-stopping moment a huge python bit a zookeeper’s face for trying to take move her eggs.

Jay Brewer, who clearly has balls of steel, often shares videos to Instagram of the dangerous animals he encounters through his work.

In his latest clip, he filmed himself attempting to retrieve some eggs right under the nose of a gigantic python.

Experts wanted to help them hatch but no one had told the snake, who was visibly agitated by the whole thing.

The video shows the reptile lunging at Jay’s face as he tries to remove the eggs before biting him on the cheek.

“Whoah, right in the face,” he exclaims before wiping blood from his face.

But he doesn’t seem too worried as he laughs away the attack.

Jay, the founder of The Reptile Zoo near Los Angeles, US, wrote in the caption: “She got me.

“I take a risk so I can get the babies in the incubator where it’s safe… in this case I had to take one for the team.”

The clip was shared on Monday (June 21) and has already received more than 122,000 likes.

Viewers flooded the comments section with their thoughts, with one writing: “He caught you with a cheap shot.”

Another wrote: “You are so brave.”

Someone else asked whether the bite hurt, to which Jay replied: “Just a bit.”

Others were worried for the zookeeper but he assured them, saying: “They don’t have venom so I’m perfectly okay.”

Another laughed: “You did stick your tongue out at her.”

It’s not the first time Jay’s attempts at helping out his reptile friends have taken a turn for the worst.

Earlier this year, a giant reticulated python lunged for his face while guarding her eggs.

Pythons are not venomous but they are incredibly strong and attack with deadly force, even known to have killed humans in the past.

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