Terrified mum says stranger jumped in car and tried to drive off with four kids

A terrified mum has claimed a stranger got into her car after she parked in a car park and tried to drive off with her four screaming children in the back.

Megan Latter was paying at the ticket machine when she heard her kids screaming and turned to see a man had tried to enter her parked vehicle on Tuesday, July 20.

She says she heard one of her children shouting "get out of the car" but thought she was just shouting at one of the other children, KentLive reports.

Police have since confirmed no offences were reported and the man told them he got into the car by mistake as a family member owns a similar one.

But Megan has now shared the ordeal on Facebook in a bid to warn others and the post has since gone viral.

Describing the "unimaginable" ordeal she wrote: "I've parked in a car park and tried to pay for my parking using an app which said I could only park there for so long due to parking restrictions.

"I had children in the car, I shut the door and run to the ticket notice sign to see what time the car park shut.

"I got to the machine and heard Daisy shout 'get out of the car!'

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"I started to walk back thinking she's shouting at one of the kids and then I hear her scream 'MUM!!'

"I then look at the car and there's a man in my f****** car!!! In the driver's seat!!!

"I'm then screaming telling him to get out of my car!" Megan said there were people near the car who called the police immediately as the incident unfolded. She said: "The man would not get out, and he tried telling me it's his car.

"He then told me it's his mum's car and his children!

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"I'm going absolutely crazy, swinging my bag at him just trying to get him out!

"Finally he got out and was acting all apologetic and said it was too emotional for him to be there.

"This happened so so fast but literally felt like it went on for ages, my babies are all safe and the man is being dealt with by police.

"I never in a million years thought anything like this would happen.

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"If you are in or around the Ashford area, stay away from this man.

"My children said he was pressing buttons in my car and looked like he was trying to start my car.

"Luckily I had the fob in my bag so he couldn't do anything.

"I'm Just grateful for everyone that stopped and helped and stayed with us the whole time we were there."

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Megan said she wanted to warn people with her Facebook post but also say thank you to everyone who stopped to help.

A Kent Police spokesman said: "Kent Police was called at 5.40pm on Tuesday to a report that a man had got into the car of someone not known to him in Vicarage Lane, Ashford.

"Officers attended and the man was spoken to and no offences were reported."

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