Teen thug brutally stabbed his own nan with a fork in row over table manners

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A disgruntled grandson left his grandma with a fork deeply embedded in her hand after brutally stabbing her during a dinnertime row.

Conna Hardy reportedly had a dark history of abusing his grandma and once called her a "slave b***h" and threw a plate at her the day before the attack.

As Hardy and other members of the family were eating dinner at the victim's home in Whitley Bay, the savage boy took a piece of food out of his mouth and put it on his teenage sister's plate, reports Chronicle Live.

When his gran put it back on to his plate, Hardy put it back in his sister's food and the huge row blew up.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that the young lad made a 'concerted effort' to stab his gran in the hand with a fork and eventually succeeded.

As the 19-year-old was locked up and no threat, his grandma told the court how she had been left traumatised by the attack.

She said in a statement read to the court: "The physical injuries I sustained have left scarring and cause discomfort due to cramp.

"Mentally the attack has caused me considerable distress. I suffer nightmares and have trouble sleeping.

"I want no further contact with Conna Hardy despite him being my grandson.

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"I'm genuinely scared if I see him again, he will physically attack me and cause me serious injury."

The court heard Hardy had been living with his gran, who was also being visited by his young sister in February.

Nick Lane, prosecuting, said: "The complainant had a difficult relationship with the defendant, he was frequently abusive towards her.

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"The day before this, he walked into the kitchen when she was washing dishes and threw a plate towards her and said 'wash that you f****** slave b****."

During the dinner row, Hardy reportedly told his gran: "Don't do that again or I will stab you" and threw a bone at her.

The court heard he then made several attempts to stick his fork in her palm, which he eventually succeeded in doing.

He then said: "I told you not to push me too far."

The victim was left with the fork "deeply embedded" in her left hand and was rushed to hospital, where it was removed by medics.

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Hardy told police she had fallen and landed on the fork.

However the 19-year-old, of Cliffe Court, Whitley Bay, pleaded guilty to wounding.

Recorder David Brooke QC sentenced him to 15 months and imposed an indefinite restraining order.

Mark Harrison, defending, said: "He accepts responsibility for causing the injury.

"He doesn't seek to undermine his grandmother's fear or anxiety.

"He has been in custody for 201 days and during that time his presentation and mental health has improved significantly."

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