Teacher sleeps with hammer after ‘creepy’ Uber driver shows up at house

A 25-year-old teaching assistant is living in fear after an Uber driver started to show up at her house looking for her in south London.

Amele Sossavi has been so terrified by the situation that she decided to sleep with a hammer next to her bed in order to protect herself.

She met the Uber driver, known as Habib, while transporting her suitcases from an old home to a new one on September 20.

Amele started some polite small talk with the driver but he quickly made her feel uncomfortable after he demanded her phone number.

Not willing to share her number, she gave the driver a fake one but two days later received a letter from the driver, Metro.co.uk reports.

The note read “Hey it’s Habib your number didn’t work”’ and contained his contact information.

Amélé ignored the letter but was informed by a flatmate that the driver showed up at their home while she was at work.

Speaking to Metro, she said: “Especially with everything that has been happening to women recently, this really freaked me out.

“I did not even stay at home that night as I did not feel safe.

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“When I eventually went back, I had to lock all the doors and I have been sleeping with a hammer next to my bed as he now knows my address, he knows where I live.”

Amélé says she was told by police that the driver was fired by the taxi company.

She tweeted: "The fact that this driver thought it was acceptable to show up to my HOUSE, not ONCE but TWICE is disgusting. @uberuk what is your vetting process?? The whole point of these taxi apps is it’s meant to make you feel safe, as you know who your driver is etc."

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A spokesperson for the Met Police said: "On 29 September, police received a report of harassment and stalking. It was reported a woman had been harassed and repeatedly contacted by a private hire driver.

"An appointment was made to speak to the woman later the same day. The private hire driver was identified and spoken to and words of advice were issued."

The Daily Star has contacted Uber for comment.

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