SIU clears Waterloo officer after man breaks arm during arrest

Ontario’s police watchdog has terminated its investigation into an arrest Waterloo Regional Police made in Cambridge last June.

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) says that Waterloo police were called to the same residence on Parkview Crescent in connection to a domestic dispute.

The police watchdog says the first time, a man was arrested, and one of his conditions upon release was for him to stay away from the residence.

Police say officers were called back to the residence later in the day and found him nearby in a car.

Officers reportedly used force to remove him from the car to arrest him for breach.

While in Central Station lock-up, the man complained of pain in his forearm so he was taken to Grand River Hospital where it was discovered he had a fracture which required corrective surgery.

A release from the agency says that Director Tony Martino found no reason to lay charges against the officer in connection to the incident.

Martino says that the man would not leave the vehicle willingly and also struggled when police attempted to place handcuffs on him which required officers to use force.

He wrote, ”the evidence falls short of establishing that the force used by the officers fell outside the range of what was reasonably necessary to effect the Complainant’s arrest.”

The SIU is an independent agency that investigates incidents involving police that have resulted in death, serious injury or alleged sexual assault.

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