Sick paedo who filmed himself raping girl, 14, ‘must be jailed for longer’

A predatory paedophile who filmed himself raping a schoolgirl should be jailed for longer, a court has been told.

Pervert chartered accountant and part-time DJ Aran Spottiswood, 25, sought out his 14-year-old victim on dating app MyLol in February 2019.

He then began messaging her on Snapchat but she stopped communicating with him when she found out his age.

Spottiswood then created a different profile, claiming he was 19, and messaged the teen again.

The messages turned sexual and the pair eventually met up. In March 2019 Spottiswood drove her to a park in Broadmeadows in Melbourne where he took off her clothes and sexually assaulted her for 20 minutes before another car interrupted them.

Spottiswood drove his victim home and then days later asked her to send him lewd photos, which she did.

A week later he took her to the park again, blindfolded her, assaulted her again, and filmed the shocking act using a GoPro camera.

When they met up again for the third time, police spotted the pair.

Spottiswood told the girl to tell the officers they didn’t know each other and had met at a service station, but once police discovered their ages, Spottiswood was arrested.

He pleaded guilty to the sexual penetration of a child under 16, as well as involving a child in the production of child abuse material, sexual assault of a child under 15, and possession of child abuse material.

The girl had told the original trial she felt like people would blame her for what had happened.

She said: "The judgmental look on people's faces broke my heart. For a long time, I felt as if it was my fault that it happened since I was the one who did not understand the dangers associated with social media and the predators out there in the real world."

Spottiswood was sentenced to a minimum of two years in jail but prosecutors have labelled the sentence "manifestly inadequate". reports Melbourne Appeal Court was told his behaviour was predatory, persistent, and manipulative and he should be locked up for longer.

However, Dermott Dann QC argued Spottiswood had faced additional punishment besides jail, including losing his accounting career and enduring harsh prison conditions during the coronavirus lockdown.

The judges will hand down their decision at a later date.

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