Sick Brit trophy hunters ‘grab beers and shoot monkeys for fun’, says new book

British trophy hunters shoot big game animals to “relax”, according to a new book exposing their practices.

They admitted getting their kicks killing meerkats, monkeys and zebras in Africa.

Campaigner Eduardo Gonçalves posed as a would-be hunter seeking advice from Britons who had slaughtered creatures abroad.

Gonçalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, said: “I was shocked at the incredible suffering experienced by many of the animals.”

One man claimed he shot a zebra in Namibia which ran and fell. He found it “still clinging to life” so shot it again.

Gonçalves asked one Brit whether monkeys and meerkats were shot at a ranch he had visited in South Africa.

The hunter told him: “We grab a few beers and get up on one of the rocks looking over where all the monkeys are and just have a bit of fun shooting the monkeys.”

Another told the author that in South Africa they were shooting genets – cat-like animals – “out of trees with the bows. Really fun!”

Many of the species targeted are expected to be left out of upcoming laws to stop the import of trophy animals. MPs have demanded a complete crackdown.

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Sir Roger Gale MP, who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on banning trophy hunting, called for all imports to be outlawed.

He said: “There is no need for any numbskull to go and murder beautiful, magnificent, proud animals.”

It comes after earlier this year it was said that white lions could be facing a renewed threat of extinction following trophy hunters being offered deals to shoot them.

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The rate for killing the rare animals in South Africa was slashed by a third.

Hunters were able to pay £10,000 to shoot the rare animal, instead of the £30,000 beforehand.

Trophy hunting brings in around £300m into the country but took a financial hit during the Covid pandemic.

The white lion, considered as one of the 'big five' of main trophies that hunters go for, has seen its numbers reduce.

It's believed there are only 20 left in the wild, and around 300 in captivity, according to the reports in April.

Anti-hunt group XPose Trophy Hunting said: “We’ve seen dozens of trophy photos, with smiling killers standing over the white lions’ carcasses.

“White lions are rare in nature, but bred for their popularity with trophy killers. With no end in sight to this despicable practice in South Africa, the life of a lion has become cheap.”

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