Sex robots coming in 2021 include ‘build your own’ doll and ‘learning AI’

A raft of innovative sex dolls and robots are set to be released this year including “build your own” models and designs with incredibly advanced AI.

Several manufacturers experienced a surge in demand during the coronavirus pandemic, as lonely customers seek companionship during lockdown.

In the process, sex doll companies have received a raft of bizarre requests and begun to experiment with their designs.

LoveDolls, located inside the world’s biggest sex doll factory in the city of Zhongshan, China, wants to give customers the chance to customise their own models.

Its workers are planning to replicate elements from computer games.

Company spokesman Adam told the Daily Star: “This means more elf ears, tails, giant breasts and crazy skin colours.

“We are also planning to focus a lot of popular elements seen in hentai, (Japanese anime and manga cartoon pornography).”

He added: “One of our best sellers has been these special breasts on a torso with just a head, so no arms or legs.

“These torsos reduce the weight of dolls which is very much appreciated by customers and make them more compact so travel friendly and easier to store/hide.

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“We will be focusing much more on these, and the ability to create torso versions from hundreds of already existing doll models.”

LoveDolls will also give buyers the chance to experiment with their purchases.

Adam continued: “You will be able to build your doll like you would a character on a computer game. Also working on more AI features.”

RealDoll, based in San Marcos, California the US, will offer robots with world-beating “learning AI” in partnership with Abyss Creations.

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The company already produces some of the most realistic dolls in the world, capable of carrying out conversations.

Now its workers are designing models with even sharper responses and in-built sensors.

A RealDoll rep, who goes by the pseudonym Brick Dollbanger, said: “Abyss Creations/Realdoll is porting more faces from their static doll line to robotic AI faces.

“There are five faces now being offered in the robotic line of animated faces. More to come this year.”

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“There are no other sex doll/robots on the market with animation or a learning AI of this magnitude today.

“Abyss Creations/Realdoll is the leader in this technology and is constantly expanding their market into other countries around the world.”

The company is also working on a body that can be paired with the robotic head.

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If all goes to plan, it will have sensors in its erogenous zones that respond to human touch.

Brick added: “The AI will know what you’re doing to her body and will respond accordingly.

“I predict this will be a major breakthrough in synthetic sexual companionship.

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“This body will also encompass a heating system that will bring it very close to human body temperature.”

Sex doll supplier Silicone Lovers is also planning several original designs.

Co-founder Louie Love explained: “There are some pretty amazing developments going on behind the scenes with our various partners that are yet to be released and we also have a few new exclusive designs in the works.

“WM [one of its brands] has recently introduced a breathing feature which is pretty amazing, so the doll's chest rises and falls imitating real human lungs.”

Last year, the company worked with DS Doll and Chinese model Jie to produce a replica of her available for punters.

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