Sex-crazed 55st alligator named ‘Kanye’ battles 12 zookeepers after rampage

A team of zookeepers have been filmed battling a massive 55-stone alligator after realising his sex-fuelled antics had been causing chaos in the area.

The massive American alligator, named Kanye, came out of hibernation "explosive" with his hormones sky-high – and was not afraid throwing his weight around in the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, New South Wales, Australia.

"Until recently, he's becoming a bit problematic, he's been charging at the keepers but also towards some of the newer alligators in the lagoon," zookeeper Dan said in a Facebook video.

"So today, the plan is to get inside, catch Kanye, take him to the back so he can have a little bit of a time-out."

During a brief to his colleagues, Dan warned about the danger and said he has no doubt that Kanye can easily "take an arm off".

The team wait on land until Kanye approaches and lasso around his upper jaw as they try to get him out of water.

The staff quickly get into a line to take him on in what looks like one of the scariest tug of wars in history.

"Jake's gonna jump on him now, go, go," Dan says and five other colleagues follow suit to hop on the animal's back, blocking his movement.

While a keeper wraps a tape around Kanye's mouth, two other workers keep a lookout at the lagoon to watch for other alligators.

The team transfer Kanye to a wooden stretcher and lift him onto a trolley where two men have to stay on top to make sure he won't attack.

Once they take him to an enclosure, they remove the tape and ropes, letting Kanye roam around the "alligator jail".

Dan adds: "There's nothing easy about moving a 350kg American alligator, that was intensive times.

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"But now we've got Kanye out in the back, he will spend a couple of months here. Once he calms his head a little bit, we'll re-introduce him to the lagoon with his alligator mates."

Park director Tim Faulkner told ABC News12 that the young alligator started acting aggressively when mating season began.

He said: "Kanye has come out of hibernation explosive, therefore, a danger to himself, to the other alligators and staff.

"Kanye has also made the other alligators very tense. He's a young bloke, full of testosterone, and he's raising havoc right now.

"So the best thing to do is to send him to the naughty corner for some quiet time out."

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