Schoolboy, 14, among six drug cartel hitmen caught in army bust

A schoolboy as young as 14 was among six cartel hitmen that were caught in a major bust by army soldiers in Mexico.

Troops stormed into the state of Sonora and arrested the group of gunmen, which also included two more minors, aged 16 and 17 on Monday (May 9) morning.

The soldiers, from SEDENA army, were on routine patrol when they noticed the assassins who were travelling in a convoy near the town of Puerto Libertad.

A high-speed chase took place after the hitmen tried to escape the area before the National Guard were called for backup, reports Borderlandbeat.

The men were then forced to surrender and were found to be in possession of nine firearms and nearly 1,400 rounds of ammunition.

It was reported that the armed gang had to be transferred to the federal Attorney General’s Office (FGR) to avoid a rescue attempt from their cartel members.

Governor of Sonora Alfonso Durazo addressed the arrests during a press conference and said: "The Mexican Army detained six young men in Pitiquito, 9 assault rifles, high calibre weapons, 63 magazines, 1399 useful cartridges of various calibres, six tactical vests, bulletproof protectors and six vehicles, one of them armoured.

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"The oldest of them is 31 years old, followed by another 21 year old, another 20 year old, a 17-year-old, a 16-year-old and a 14-year-old accused of carrying a firearm, possession of cartridges with the aggravating factor of gangs and possibly organized crime.”

He added: “I want to share my concern because here as a society, family, parents of families, we have a co-responsibility [in the crimes of the children].

"It should not be that young people, almost children, are already hooked in by organized crime. That is why my concern [over this issue] has been reiterated in practically all of my press conferences.”

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