Scandals at Crufts – from naked streakers to allegations of dog poisoning

Crufts is Britan’s most prized dog show, and one of the biggest in the world, with competitors battling it out to be named Best In Show.

The world’s biggest dog show kicked off on Thursday at Birmingham NEC centre, and marks the 129th edition of Crufts, which will take place over four days.

Dog lovers turn up to the event in their thousands, and have stuck through the show through thick and thin.

Over the years, Crufts has had its fair share of controversy, with dog poisoning, naked streakers, and now, coronavirus fears, to name a few.

You can tune in to this year’s coverage on Channel 4, and on YouTube, but before you do, check out some of the moments when things just didn’t go according to plan.

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Poisoning scandal

In 2015 allegations of poisoning rocked Crufts after Jagger the Irish died a few days after the event.

It was also claimed a Western Highland Terrier and Afghan hound also suffered serious illnesses.

Jagger's owners believed the dog was killed in a "murder" plot but it was later discovered the dog digested poison when he got home.

Kennel Club said the post mortem found two poisons in beef that was eaten by the dog.

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In 2010 Mark Roberts interrupted judging for the gundog group by getting his kit off and running through the presentation area.

The prolific streaker, who has bared all at several events, including the Super Bowl, ran around the area twice before security caught up with him.

Mark had I emblazoned on his naked torso and fuelled rumours about poor security at the event.

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Toilet break

Back in 2012 a pooch competing in the agility course left his owner dismayed when he stopped mid course to do a poo.

The five-year-old cross-breed Libby couldn't hold it in while racing alongside her owner.

Libby and her owner looked like they were doing really well but eventually disqualified for the toilet break.

  • Crufts dog show returns for its 129th year with one-of-a-kind celebrations

Contestant 'picked up Scottish Terrier by tail'

Crufts received over 70,000 calls for the 2015 Best In Show winner to be stripped of her title – for allegedly picking her dog up by his tail.

Rebecca Cross is said to have picked up her Scottish Terrier by the tail during the event and enraged dog lovers.

It sparked an online petition which stated: "Strip Rebecca Cross of her Best In Show award at Crufts 2015 for her unduly harsh handling of the Scottish Terrier, Knopa.

"Under KC Rule A42 Ms Cross is guilty of 'behaving discreditably and prejudicially to the interests of the canine world' and should be held accountable."

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