Russian TV expert admits ‘whole world hates us’ and Ukraine war ‘getting worse’

A Russian military expert said "the entire world is against us" and that the Ukraine conflict will "frankly get worse" while speaking on Vladimir Putin's state-run TV.

Russia's "special military operation" is reportedly faltering after Ukrainian authorities said they'd pushed Putin's troops away from Kharkiv, the country's second biggest city, on Monday.

That came after Putin was forced to focus his efforts on the East and South after failing to take Kyiv in the North.

Now, in a shocking admission, defence analyst Mikhail Khodaryonok told Russians at home that the invasion may not be going to plan.

"Let's look at the situation as a whole from the overall strategic position," he said.

"Don't engage in saber-rattling with missiles in Finland's direction. It actually looks very amusing.

"After all, the main deficiency of our military-political position is that, in a way, we are in full geopolitical isolation, and that, however much we would hate to admit this, virtually the entire world is against us.

"And it's that situation that we need to get out of."

In yet more surprising comments, he went on to urge Russian people to treat the information they receive through state sources with caution.

Khodaryonok continued: "First of all, I must say that we shouldn't take information tranquillisers because sometimes information is spread, some moral and psychological breakdown in the Ukrainian armed forces which are allegedly on the verge of some kind of crisis in morale and so on.

"All of that, to put it mildly, is false. Of course, there are certain cases, prisoners of war, certain units but they're individual cases.

"But as we've just said we should always look at the matter as a whole."

Khodaryonok also spoke of "European aid" coming "into effect", warning that this would allow Ukraine to arm one million soldiers.

"We need to take that into account in our operational and strategic calculations, that the situation in this regard for us will frankly get worse," he concluded.

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