Queen needs to be protected from Harry ‘hurling hand grenades’, claims expert

The Queen needs to be protected from Prince Harry who has hurled "hand grenades" at the Royal Family, a royal expert has claimed.

Royal author Tina Brown made the remarks after the Duke of Sussex returned to the UK for a brief visit to see his grandmother over fears for her safety last month.

In the controversial interview, Harry told Today's show host Hoda Kotb, that he wanted to ensure the Queen is looked after.

He said: "Being with her, it was great. It was just so nice to see her, she's on great form.

"She's [the Queen] always got a great sense of humour with me and I'm just making sure she's protected and got the right people around her."

But former Vanity Fair editor Ms Brown claims "a lot of people" among the Royal fold believe the monarch actually needs protecting from Harry, reports The Sun.

She believes that a reconciliation could happen later down the line but now right now.

Ms Brown told the Daily Mail: "And it's not going to happen largely because Harry keeps lobbing these fresh hand grenades at the family, just when they're beginning to think, 'Well, can we re-establish some trust with the House of Sussex'.

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"There's yet another fusillade from an American talk show and everybody in the family thinks, 'Well, what was that about?'

"The most recent comments by Harry about, you know, he came to make sure the Queen was protected – a lot of people I think in the family thought, 'Well actually she needs protecting from you, Harry'."

She added: "I think when the Queen does die, I do believe there'll be a kind of desire for Harry to serve his country.

"I think he's going to want to rethink it, probably."

The Sussexes have been contacted for comment.

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