Putin’s propaganda mouthpiece bemoans ‘worrisome’ war as ‘West is mocking us’

Putin's ally TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov has expressed frustration at the war saying "the whole West is starting to mock us."

The propaganda mouthpiece, nicknamed "Putin's voice" for his stridently pro-Kremlin views, said that the war was "worrisome".

Speaking on his Thursday night episode of Evening with Vladimir Solovyov, he said: "It's worrisome, truly worrisome."

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He added: "There hasn't been a single operation after Kharkiv that would alleviate this bitterness, nor have there been any returned or added territories. The whole West is starting to mock us."

The host went on to make a plea to Russian troops, as he said: "I have a big request for our Army: please start to fight by the regulations, the way you can, the way you have been taught.

"Let's start announcing newly liberated places. What do you need for this? Three hundred thousand have been mobilized."

Solovyov blamed the war on the West, as he said: "Of course, we don't want war. This wasn't our choice, this was a choice of the West.

"I'm just amazed at what's happening in the world. I think to myself, what's happening is just not right. What's going on is not right. It's like the world had lost its way.

"There is no more wrong and right, the lies or the truth. Everything is in some kind of gray zone."

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While Vladimir Putin formally annexed four Ukrainian provinces into Russia on Friday, the Kremlin army has still had its fair share of setbacks in recent weeks.

The Russians lost swathes of territory around Ukraine's second city, Kharkiv, earlier this month.

There have also been unconfirmed reports that Russian troops in Lyman, Donetsk Province, have been encircled by Ukrainian troops and cut off from resupply.

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