Putin lover taunts Brits by live streaming gas stove as Russian dead hits 80,000

A Russian bloke and Vladimir Putin fan has set about taunting Brits by livestreaming a burning gas stove for hours in a jab at the cost of living crisis.

His livestream comes as Russia's death toll in their war with Ukraine hits a reported 80,000, if verifiable figures from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) are to be believed.

An unnamed Rostov man appears to be unphased by the huge death toll, instead taking time out to mock Brits with a gas bill boast.

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A Twitch broadcast titled "From Russia with love" appeared, with the bloke claiming to pay just £1.25 a month for his luxurious gas supply.

His claim of £1.25 a month for the gas bill, despite lighting all four rings 24/7 appears to be a knock at those in the United Kingdom who have been hit by a surge in gas prices.

The Vladimir Putin loyalist showed off his supply by sticking a thermometer next to a gas stove, showing 41C as thousands of Brits and Europeans face spiralling gas prices.

Prices have seen severe upticks of many thousands of pounds, leading some countries to offer financial compensation in the face of rising gas prices.

The man behind the gas price livestream stunt has refused to reveal his name, with the only image available on his livestream that of a male porn star.

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His profile reads: "Hello! Welcome to the Russian 24/7 wasting gas. Gas payment is ONLY 1.44€ per month."

Featured also on the livestream is a rubber duck wearing sunglasses and a propeller cap, with the bloke seeking donations for the livestream, which he says will, ironically, be used to pay for a new gas stove.

Comments were mixed over the livestream, with one person writing: "Needlessly burning resources iwhen there are limited supplies…. is beyond stupid."

Another Western follower was reported by The Mirror as writing: "Funny to see them taunting us while their whole economy got sent back 20 years into the past."

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