Princess Diana’s astrologer didn’t foresee death, but would have prevented it

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Princess Diana’s said she did not foresee the royal's tragic death and would have "done anything I could to prevent it" if she had known what was going to happen.

Debbie Frank, 62, was introduced to Diana in 1989 by a mutual friend and was her astrologer right up to her untimely death in a car crash in Paris.

The two became friends over the course of their eight-year relationship and Debbie last saw Diana in August 1997, just a few weeks before her death.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, Debbie said it is "still hard to believe" that she attended Diana’s funeral less than a month after their last meeting.

She said: "It's been put to me many times: why didn't I predict it? It's crazy to imagine I could have known what was going to happen to Diana, and even if I had, that I would have had the control to stop it."

Debbie said she does not see death in people's charts.

She added: “Of course, had I known what would happen to Diana, I'd have done everything I could to prevent it.

"Over the years we were friends, there were occasions when I was able to forewarn her of difficult periods, albeit not knowing the specifics of what she would face.”

Debbie described an example of this when then-Prime Minister John Major was due to announce Charles and Diana’s divorce and there was an eclipse, which she says is typically associated with major life changes.

Debbie described Diana as a “dear friend”, detailing their regular phone calls and lunch dates at Kensington Palace in which “nothing was off limits” in their conversations.

According to Debbie, Diana “desperately” wanted the marriage to work and hoped astrology could provide an assurance that things would improve with Charles.

At one point Debbie examined Charles’s chart and concluded the pair were astrologically “extremely different people” – but despite, she never "regretted marrying him".

Debbie described Diana’s chart as that of a “free-spirited” and “all about people” person, while Charle’s showed he was “stubborn” and “happier working with the land”.

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