Prince William may only celebrate his birthday once a year when he’s King

Prince William will one day become King, taking over the monarchy and all its duties.

Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s actual birthday is on April 12 with celebrations taking place with family in a private setting along with gun salutes each year.

Whereas the Queen’s official birthday is celebrate in June with the annual tradition of the Trooping of Colour.

The Trooping of colour includes a parade around Buckingham palace, a military display, a flypast by the Red Arrows, crowds of people coming to celebrate and all the Royal family attend.

However, due to the pandemic, this year’s Trooping of Colour was forced to be scaled back, crowds were asked not to attend and a smaller parade took place.

This tradition of the monarch celebrating two birthdays has taken place for over 270 years, dating back to 1748 when King George II was King.

The King’s actual birthday was in autumn however, the weather was not suitable for a grand affair of public celebrations, therefore it was decided the monarch’s official birthday celebrations be combined with the Trooping of Colour which occurs in summer each year.

The Queen’s father, King George VI also followed tradition and celebrated two birthdays a year with the Queen following the monarch tradition.

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So if this has been a long official tradition why will Prince William not celebrate his birthday twice?

Next in line to the throne is Prince Charles who will most likely carry on the tradition of celebrating his birthday twice a year.

This is because his actual birthday falls in November, resulting in a difficult time for official celebrations with the public and parades due to the typical British weather.

After his father, Prince William is next in line and expected to become King one day.

This is where the tradition of celebrating the monarchs birthday twice a year may stop, at least whilst William is King.

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The reasoning for this is because Prince William’s birthday is actually in June.

Therefore Prince William may opt to only celebrate his birthday once a year as it falls nicely in June when the weather is on his side.

The Queen’s grandfather, George VI also had his birthday fall in June so there was no need for two celebrations but he continued the tradition.

Ultimately it will be down to Prince William when he becomes King to decide if he celebrates his actual birthday and official birthday each year or if he just celebrates the one.

He may decide to celebrate his birthday over the course of a weekend due to the convenience, the same as what the Queen does today with the Trooping of Colour celebration.

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