Prince Harry ‘envious of William’s happiness and popularity’, says royal expert

"Spoilt" Prince Harry comes across as intensely envious of Prince William’s happiness and popularity, says royal commentator Tom Bower, in an article that paints Harry as deeply unhappy.

There have long been reports of feuding between the heir and the spare, however, tensions came to a head when younger Prince Harry, 37, quit the royal family and moved to Montecito, California with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020.

Since then Harry has regularly attacked his brother, father, and even the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh, sending "poisonous missiles" from the safety of his Californian home, despite signing multimillion deals with Netflix and Spotify.

Writing about current royal woes in The Times, Bower lambasts the prince, saying the most recent of these missiles implicitly accuses Prince Harry's father, Prince Charles, of being reckless after it came to light that Prince Charles's closest aide offered to honour a Saudi billionaire who promised to donate millions of pounds to royal charities.

This accusation could perhaps be seen as a jealous lash-out as it follows a new episode of Prince William's podcast on mental health – a cause both brothers are passionate about.

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Other "missiles" include Prince Harry describing his mental torture on Apple TV and backing up the Duchess of Sussex's claim that the royal family denied their son Archie a title and protection due to him being mixed-race on that Oprah Winfrey interview.

Meanwhile, second-in-line to the throne Prince William, 39, and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, have continued to enjoy the support and adoration of Britons across the UK as they champion mental health and environmental charities and initiatives, and play happy families with their three adorable children.

Bower also argues Harry has "exploited his unwillingness to be reconciled with his mother's death."

Harry routinely talks about his grief over the death of his mother, and speaking on the Armchair Expert podcast in May this year, Harry said he left the royal family because of "what it did" to his mum, Princess Diana.

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