Prince Harry and Meghan planned Oprah interview years in advance, expert claims

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle planned their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey years in advance, a royal expert has claimed.

The chat made headlines around the world as it contained a string of bombshell allegations as Meghan told of her difficult relationship with other members of the Royal Family.

Accusations included that a member of the family was concerned about what skin tone baby Archie would have.

It had been assumed the interview was hastily arranged but now, according to The Mirror, royal biographer Andrew Morton said that the interview with Oprah was being discussed after the pair got married in 2018.

He told CTV's Your Morning that while researching for his re-released and updated book, Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy, he was shocked to discover that negotiations were held between Harry and Oprah six months after the wedding.

He said: “They were planning the big Oprah interview several years before it actually happened.

“He was in secret negotiations for six months after the wedding.

“The pair couldn't understand why the press office wouldn't deny every single story, and why they just used to say 'no comment' regarding specific issues."

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Mr Morton clarified some of the claims he has made in the book, such as that he expected the pair to leave the UK for the sake of their marriage as Meghan wasn’t prepared to take “any more”.

He wrote: “For Harry, it was either Meghan, or the monarchy.

“She talked about the fact that ‘people hate me just because I’m breathing. What’s the point of continuing?'

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“She had some pretty dark nights of the soul in the times that she was a member of the Royal Family.”

And speaking to CTV, he explained: “She had had enough.

“She talked about committing suicide – she had some pretty dark nights in her soul while she was a member of the Royal Family.

“Meghan and Harry were not prepared to spend that time on the Royal Family, which is a marathon, not a sprint.”

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Mr Morton also gave his predictions for the future of the Monarchy.

He said: “We're in for a period of serious reflections on the future of it.

“The people are now thinking, in a very serious way, about the transition to Queen Camilla and King Charles.”

A spokesperson for Harry and Meghan has been contacted for comment.

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