Port Moody wants province stop landlords and stratas from banning pets

A Port Moody city councillor is hoping for a change to the Strata and Residential Tenancy Acts, in an effort to make househunting easier on pet owners in B.C.

Coun. Amy Lubik said hopeful tenants shouldn’t be forced to part ways with their pets in order to gain housing.

“In the housing crisis that we’re in, people are having enough trouble finding places,” said Lubik.

The proposed recommendation would stop landlords and strata organizations from rejecting applicants who have pets, but there are exceptions.

“You know, in extreme cases where there are huge allergies from an owner, or a destructive pet or a dangerous animal,” said Lubik.

Lubik hopes it will cut down on the number of animal surrenders to shelters, because at the end of the day, she says, pets are family.

“Of course I’m an animal lover and a pet owner, to be honest, but when we take these animals into our families, we’ve made the pact with them in some ways to take care of them.” said Lubik.

“It’s really kind of heart breaking when you have to break up a family, really. People are so close to their animals.”

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