Piers Morgan slams ‘disgusting little pr**k’ for sick coronavirus stunt

Piers Morgan has called for the arrest of a yob who filmed himself licking an entire row of toiletries in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.

The sick stunt shows the man – dubbed “a little p***k” by Morgan – running his tongue across a shelf full of deodorant.

He smirks: “Who’s scared of coronavirus? Don’t touch your mouth.”

Sharing the disgusting clip with his 7.1million Twitter followers, Piers called for officials to ban the man from any healthcare if he gets coronavirus.

He raged: “Find him, arrest him, imprison him, & deny him any healthcare if he gets the virus.

“See how funny the disgusting little p***k finds it when his chest is collapsing & he can’t breathe.”

One Twitter user replied: “He should be made to be a porter in a hospital treating CV patients.”

Another raged: “Might sound cruel.

"But I hope this little s*** gets Covid-19.”

Another said: "He's a Canadian Media Personality’. Whose career I hope is now over. What an imbecilic d**k!" x

Last week the GMB host publicly slammed Sam Smith after they shared a video having a "quarantine meltdown" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Taking to his official Twitter account, the Good Morning Britain presenter quote retweeted an article about Sam's "meltdown" and couldn't help but share his opinions.

It comes after Sam shared a series of snaps looking upset and captioned them: "Stages of a quarantine meltdown."

Ranting, Piers tweeted: "FFS. I can't take any more of this celebrity attention-seeking b******t.

"Get a grip, the lot of you.

"This is a war, not an Instagram story op."

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