Petrol station employee punches customer in the head after she uses toilet

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Video shows a woman being repeatedly punched in the head by a male attendant after trying to use a toilet at a petrol station in Dolton, Illinois.

Nakeyah Smith can be seen slumped in front of a shelf as the employee hits her in the head.

In the video, which was filmed by a stranger and obtained by WBBM in Chicago, a person can be heard frantically screaming: “Open the door!”

The man grabs Nakeyah from the back as she tries to wriggle out of his grip, while a female employee watches from behind a door as Nakeyah’s friends scream outside.

They eventually broke the glass and got her to safety, according to the report.

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While it is unclear when the assault took place, the attendant thought to be responsible for the attack turned himself into Dolton police on Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking to WBBM, Nakeyah said: “Every time I close my eyes to go to sleep, that's just all I see.”

She said that she approached the man to ask is she could use the bathroom a the 24-hour Shell petrol station.

He responded no, but Nakeyah went in after a female employee told her yes.

She recounted: “I hear him come from behind the counter and go to lock the door.”

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In total fear she wet herself, explaining: “It’s a medical condition. I can’t control it all the time.”

When she went to unlock the door, “he pushed me, I pushed him back,” she said.

“So I continued to let myself out and he started hitting me.”

Her mother, Tene, said: “Those were blows. He attacked her.”

By 10pm Wednesday, the petrol station was closed after residents protested outside, with signs reading “#Justice4Keyah”.

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According to WBBM, there had been previous complaints about the attendant before.

“When you get complaints, check into those complaints,” Tene said.

Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard released a statement about the incident on her Facebook page Thursday.

She said: “I am personally saddened, hurt, and angry after viewing this horrifying video. Before any title I may have, I am a black woman first. This young lady’s pain is also my pain.”

She added that she had ordered the chief of police to work closely with the Cook County State's Attorney to make sure that 'proper' charges are brought

“This incident speaks directly to the issue of violence against women in this country,” she concluded.

“My heart hurts for this young woman. I am praying not only that she heals from the injuries she has suffered, but moreover the mental aspects in which she will now have to endure.”

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